How can I mark email and email sender as Not Junk in Outlook

1. Get into the Junk E-mail folder.

2. Select the email which you want to make as Not Junk.

3. Then go to the Home tab, click Junk > Not Junk. See screenshot:

Besides, you can also mark email as Not Junk by right-clicking it and then select Junk > Not Junk in the right-clicking menu.

4. After clicking Not Junk, a Mark as Not Junk dialog box will pop up, please check the Always trust e-mail from “” box, and then click OK button.

Then the email will be moved to the original folder. And from now on, all emails send from this sender will not be filtered to the junk email folder any more.


Who do I refer to if there is any discrepancy in my APCard transaction history?

In case of discrepancy, the Finance Service Counter staff can be approached for assistance.

How do I review my APCard transaction history?

APCard transaction is available via logging into your Webspace account.


Where can I use the APCard as cash replacement?

The card can be used as cash replacement, assuming it has been topped up with sufficient funds, at the parking, cafeteria, convenience store and SweatZone for lockers.


Where can I top-up my APCard?

The APCard can be topped up at the Finance Service Counter or the self-serve kiosk adjacent to the ATM machine on Level 3.