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As per your Student Handbook under the topic ‘The Examination Disciplinary Committee – Procedures’ clause 4.10, any student found with notes/materials in any forms, whether intentionally or unintentionally during the exam, will be expelled from the University without appeal. 



  1. Dockets shall not be issued to students with any overdue fee and attendance less than 80%. 
  2. Examination dockets will only be issued in the lecture room during the week indicated in the exam schedule.
    Please ensure you attend all lectures/sessions during that week. 
  3. Should you be unable to collect your dockets in the lecture room as indicated above, you will be required to collect your exam dockets at the Administrative Service counter.
    Dockets will only be issued at the counter if you are able to provide a Medical certificate/letter to support your absence. 
  4. Students are required to sign-up/register for an examination at least 7 days prior to the date of the examination.  
  5. Dockets MUST be collected NOT later than 7 (SEVEN) days BEFORE the examination date. 
  6. Late registrations must be approved by the Programme Leader or Operations Manager but registration on the day of the examination will NOT be allowed in any circumstances. 
  7. An administrative charge of RM15-00 per docket will be applied for late collection of examination docket(s) after the stipulated due date upon approval. 
  8. Only students with Student ID & exam dockets are allowed into the Examination Room. 


  1. Kindly take note that ALL students are required to complete the course appraisals by the respective dates. 



Please read carefully. You will not receive any special consideration if you misread or fail to follow the instructions.


  1. In order to conform to external examination requirements and standards, a system has been developed to ensure that confidentiality exists on your identity as a student and this is achieved by the issuance of examination dockets.
  2. A student should achieve at least 80% of their class attendance in order to be eligible to sit for an examination and with no overdue fees. If not, you will not be given a docket and will not be able to sit for the examination.
  3. Students disqualified from sitting for the examination due to poor attendance, will be required to repeat the module with attendance at the available semester (with payment) and the maximum grade achievable will be a pass grade.
  4. Examination dockets will be issued to you three weeks before the commencement of any examination. (Refer to the examination schedule for the dates).
  5. Students are required to sign-up/register for a resit examination at least 7 days prior to the date of the examination.
  6. Dockets MUST be collected NOT later than 7 (SEVEN) days BEFORE the examination date.
  7. Late registrations must be approved by the Programme Leader or Operations Manager but registration on the day of the examination will NOT be allowed in any circumstances.
  8. An administrative charge will be applied for late collection of examination docket(s) after the stipulated due date upon approval.
  9. The examination docket has 2 sections with perforations between for tear-off (see sample below).
  10. You will be allowed into the Examination Room, 10 minutes before the commencement of an examination only upon producing your examination docket and ID. No communication is allowed once you enter the Examination Room.IN THE EXAMINATION HALL
  11. You must place your bag and belongings in the area designated by the invigilator. No belongings should be left outside the Examination Room. The University not responsible for your belongings.
  12. Any material notes or items on your desk or chair will be deemed to be in your possession. If you find any unauthorized materials, inform the invigilators immediately. If any student is found with notes written on any part of the body or clothing, this will be tantamount to cheating. Such acts will lead to immediate disqualification of the student from the module and other disciplinary action, not excluding expulsion from APU/APIIT.
  13. Pencil cases and hand phones (to be switched off) must be placed under your chair during the examination. Failure to comply may result in being asked to leave the hall.
  14. You must place your ID on the table during the examination.
  15. You should bring your own writing stationery, as you are not allowed to share any. The usage of liquid paper is prohibited.
  16. No eating is allowed in the examination hall.DURING THE EXAMINATION
  17. Before the start of an examination, 5 minutes will be allowed for you to fill in details on the Examination Answer Script and to ensure that you have the correct Examination Paper.
  18. You must remember to fill in the examination docket number, intake code, examination subject title, and examination date on the Examination Answer Script.
  19. It is vitally important for you to write the question numbers, sheet number, examination docket number and examination subject title on every loose answer sheet, if used.
  20. You must always begin answering every new question on a new page.
  21. The invigilator will collect Section A of the examination docket (on which your name is written). You are to affix Section B to the top right-hand corner of the Examination Answer Script.
  22. As the invigilator collects the dockets, the invigilator will request you to initial against your name on the Students’ Exam Attendance Sheet.
  23. At the start of examination, 10 minutes will be allowed for the following:
      a.   Reading of the Examination Question Paper (strictly no writing is allowed during this time).
      b.   Clarifying on any matters concerning the Examination Question Paper. After this period, no communication will be allowed.
  24. The 10 minutes reading time starts at the published start time of the examination. Therefore, 10 minutes will be added to the published finish time.
  25. You are not allowed to leave the Examination Room during an examination.
  26. You may leave early, after 30 minutes of the start of examination but not during the last 30 minutes of an examination.
  27. Please obtain permission from the invigilator before leaving the exam hall ie upon completing your exam or to visit the washroom. The invigilator reserves the right not to permit students to leave the hall.
  28. Nothing should be taken out from the examination hall apart from your own stationeries and belongings. You are not allowed to remove the Examination Question Paper or any other spare or sheets of paper.AT THE END OF EXAMINATION
  29. When the invigilator announces that time is up, you are not allowed to continue your work.
  30. You must ensure that the relevant details and the numbers of attempted questions are written clearly on the front cover of the Examination Answer Script. For multiple-choice questions, you must only fill in the section, as the question number is not required.
  31. The invigilator will collect the Examination Answer Script, Question Paper and all used and unused paper. You are not permitted to remove any of these items from the examination room.
  32. You must remain in your seat until the invigilator has completely collected all the examination material.
  33. You should leave the Examination Room quietly when instructed by the invigilator and take all belongings with you.


You may download and read the examination guideline and instructions in PDF format here: Examination Guideline


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