How to access OneDrive from anywhere:

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OneDrive is an online cloud storage service from Microsoft that allows users to simultaneously edit Office documents, edit documents in browsers, and create and share folders.

Step 1: Open any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.

Step 2: Navigate to the following URL “ 

Step 3: Enter your credentials. If you are a student use TP****** and if staff use as your email address 

Step 4: Click yes if you want the browser to remember your credentials. [NOTE] If you are not using your personal computer, click No so the credentials are not saved. You can check the “Don’t show this again” box so that it will not show this dialog box again. 

Step 5: Once you sign in, click on the OneDrive icon to access it

Step 6: You can now access your OneDrive and create, edit or share files 

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