How to apply for a Business Card?

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1. What is Business Card Request Form?

Business Card Request Form allows academic and non-academic staff of APIIT Education Group to apply for business card. The overall process normally takes 14 working days from the day business card design is finalized by the requester. However, the duration may vary for a given request based on any unforeseen issue. The form requires users to provide their information in mandatory fields of the form to be submitted. The submitted request needs to get approval from relevant School/Functional Unit before business card sample design is sent to the requester.


2. How to access the form?

The Business Card Request Form is made available on the e-Forms website and only requires a few clicks to display the form. The following steps will provide step by step guide on how to access and submit request for business card:

  1. Go to e-Forms website by clicking here or enter the following URL in your browser:
    Fig 1.0: Login required to access e-Form website
  2. You will have to login with APKey to access e-Forms website.
Fig 1.1: Scroll down on e-Forms homepage and click on Business Card Form

3. After you have logged in, you will see different Forms & Application on homepage. Scroll down to Business Card Form and click to view the e-Form (see Fig 1.1).


3. How to apply for a business card?

After clicking on Business Card Form, users will see the e-Form and be able to enter their detail to request for business card. The form have different fields that requires necessary information of the requester.

Fig 2.0: Business Card Request Form

Figure 2.0 above shows the e-Form which is used to submit request for business cards. The e-Form consists of self-explanatory fields with relevant examples below the fields. Users are required to enter their information like name, qualification, phone number, email and so forth. Followings are some of the notable points:

  • Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk * next to the field label which must be filled.
  • The business card is divided into two types: academic and non-academic.
  • In the ‘Additional Particulars’ field, user can request for additional particulars like social media details.
  • In the ‘Remarks’ field, academic staff must justify why they require more than one box.
  • Under the ‘Requested Number of Boxes’ field, you can select a minimum of 1 box (100 cards) and maximum of 6 boxes (600 cards).
  • Carefully review your information and click on the ‘Submit’ button to submit the request.


4. What happens after I submit a request?

After the request has been submitted, it will undergo a number of approvals from School/Functional Unit . An email will be sent to you after approval at each step. In-case your request is rejected, you will be notified. Once the procurement officer has approved your request, a design template of your business card will be made available to you for which you will receive an email.

The email will contain the set of instructions for you to view the design template. After you view the sample of business card, you may approve or reject it. In case you approve the sample, the business card printing will take about 14 working days to be processed (duration may vary). If you reject the sample, you will be required to mention the reason in the notes field.

The figures below showcase the emails that are sent in regard to the requester review:

Fig 3.0: Email received by requester to review business card design before approval for printing


5. How do I review business card sample?

A sample of business card will be made available to you and will require your approval prior printing. The procedure to review the sample business card is as follows:

  1. Go to e-Forms website by clicking here or enter the following URL in your browser:
  2. Login to e-Forms website with your APKey.
  3. The homepage of Forms website will be displayed.
    Fig 4.0: Navigate to inbox to review business card sample
  4. Click on Inbox at the header menu of the webpage.
    Fig 4.1: Click on business card request form
  5. In the inbox click on business card request to view sample of business card.
    Fig 4.2: Navigate to view business card sample and also accept or reject the sample.
  6. Fig 4.2 shows you to navigate to view business card sample. If you approve the business card sample then, request will be processed to print business card. If you reject the business card sample then, mention your reasons in Note so procurement officer can revert back to you with respective changes.



Once the request has been submitted, it goes through a set of approvals, beginning from the HR and proceed to the Director of Administration, Procurement Officer and Requester. Every approval will be done after careful review and verification. During each workflow step, the user will receive an email to keep them updated. The following Fig 5.0 shows, how a request proceeds through different steps. The user can view the current request step and subsequently contact the relevant School/Functional Unit for any inquiries.

Fig 5.0: Workflow of the business card request

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