How to Update Intake Grouping? (Staff)

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This is a guide for Admin staff to update Intake Grouping content on Knowledge Base (KB).

Step-1: Open web browser (Firefox / Chrome) and go to this URL –


Step-2: Login with your APKey credential


Step-3: You will login to Knowledge Base Dashboard. From dashboard menu, click on Knowledge Base or hover your mouse and click on All Articles.


Step-4: This is All Articles section of Knowledge Base. In this section you can see list of all the articles published and draft on KB. On the top-right corner, search for “Intake Grouping” article and click on this title article.


Step-5: Now you can edit this article and update content. For example, we want to update this article with grouping list for UCFF2002CT. We will type in “Grouping List for UCFF2002CT”. You can format the text here like you do in MS Word.


Step-6: Click on Add Media


Step-7: Click on Upload Files. Drag and drop file the intake group PDF file here or click on Select Files to upload file.


Step-8: After you have uploaded the PDF file, edit the Title of this file to “Tutorial 1”. Click on Insert into post. Now this file is inserted into the post and you can see the link of this PDF file.


Step-9: After we have uploaded all the grouping list then, we can preview the content on KB to check all the uploaded files links are working fine. Click on Preview Changes and a preview of this article will open in new tab.


Step-10: After you have made all the changes / updates and preview the changes. Click on Update to publish these changes / updates.



If you are facing any difficulties or errors with the system, please open a ticket with our HelpCentre – IT Helpdesk or email via your staff email address. Please ensure to provide necessary screenshots and error messages for the support team to better understand the issue.



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