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Asia Pacific University offers a campus-wide license to MATLAB, Simulink, and companion toolboxes. Students/Staffs are covered by the campus-wide license and can install the software on their home or laptop computers. Asia Pacific University offers a campus-wide license to MATLAB, Simulink, and these companion products:

  Simulink Fixed-Point Designer PO  
  Bioinformatics Toolbox Fuzzy Logic Toolbox FL  
  Control System Toolbox Global Optimization Toolbox GD  
  Curve Fitting Toolbox HDL Coder HD  
  Data Acquisition Toolbox Image Acquisition Toolbox IA  
  DSP System Toolbox MATLAB Coder ME  
  Image Processing Toolbox MATLAB Compiler CO  
  Instrument Control Toolbox MATLAB Compiler SDK MJ  
  Optimization Toolbox Neural Network Toolbox NN  
  Parallel Computing Toolbox RF Blockset RB  
  Signal Processing Toolbox RF Toolbox RF  
  Simscape Robotics System Toolbox RO  
  Simscape Multibody SimEvents SE  
  Simulink Control Design Simscape Driveline LD  
  Stateflow Simscape Electronics SN  
  Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox Simscape Fluids SH  
  Symbolic Math Toolbox Simscape Power Systems PS  
  Antenna Toolbox AA Simulink 3D Animation VR  
  Audio System Toolbox AU Simulink Coder RT  
  Communications System Toolbox CM Simulink Design Optimization SO  
  Computer Vision System Toolbox VP Simulink PLC Coder PL  
  Database Toolbox DB System Identification Toolbox ID  
  Embedded Coder EC Vision HDL Toolbox VT  
  Filter Design HDL Coder FH Wavelet Toolbox WA  

  For Technical Support, please contact the following: Email Support: On-Site Support:

  • APU @ New Campus: TechCentre (Level 6, Spine Room 10)
  • APIIT @ TPM: Helpdesk (Level 3, Technology Labs)

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