Migrating to Office 365 FAQs for APS

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Office365 Migration at APS


  • Can I access my email during the migration?
    • No, during the migration period your email will not be accessible.


  • When can I access my email account?
    • You will be able to access your new Office365 email account at HTTP://portal.office.com  once the migration has successfully been completed. Please take note that you won’t be able to use your Outlook or mobile email apps for e-mail until you have reconfigured your Outlook or mobile apps.
    • Please remember to meet a technical support staff to configure your outlook client & smart phone to your new email account.



  • What is the Exchange server settings for Office 365 setup?
Server outlook.office365.com
User Name username@mail.apschools.edu.my
Password [Your existing password to access your email]



  • How much space do I get for email in Office365?
    • With Office365 you will have a 50GB primary mail storage as compared to 0.5GB now.


  • What will be my new office365 email account after migrating to Office365?



  • How do I login to office365 via the portal website?
  1. Launch HTTP://portal.office.com  via an Internet browser.
  2. Enter your email address with the full new domain name (Example: username@mail.apschools.edu.my)
  3. Enter your password (your existing password  to access your email)


  • Why are certain user emails having bounce back or an error stating ‘Email Address does not exist’?
    • This issue usually happens because you are sending an email to a non-existing email address or outdated email attribute which is pointed to the old email server.
    • To resolve this issue, clear the cached address by typing the email address but do not click enter. Click on the ‘X’ near the email address (As per the image below). Enter the email address again and try to send the email to the recipient again.



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