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This process is required for the modules using Assignment, Quiz, and perhaps take home exams. Relevant lecturers should be informed about this process flow:

There are two scenarios for alternative /virtual assessments cases:
  1. Lecturer is teaching the module:
    1.  Lecturer can enrol the referral students to the course if they are not enrolled (from different intake).
    2. Add new activity or section with restricted access for referral students only which can be view by referral students and the the other students in the course can’t view this section or activity if lecturer provide or allow restricted access.
  1. Lecturer is not teaching the module:

The lecturers can ask the school administrators or email for to provide access for the required course and enrol the referral students to the course. then the lecturer can add the required assessment by adding section or activities(assignment or quiz) with restricted access for referral students only which can be view by referral students.


    • Lecturer need to send the below details for school administrators or email :
      1. Student ID
      2. Student name
      3. Student intake
      4. Module name
      5. Student class code
      6. Lecturer name (who will do the assessment)
      7. Lecturer code
  • Access is provided for the lecturer and the provided student list for the course that has latest intake which students belong to.
  • Lecturer and student should be able to view this course in the dashboard with the related module name.
  • Lecturer should send the course link for the students.

School administrators: 

  • Carmen, Meenachi for Business school
  • Ivy and Karthin for Engineering and IT schools
  • Other schools need to send email to

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