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If you have some personal problems and would like to speak with someone in confidence, our Student Counsellor, Ms. Emily Otavia Mathius, is here to help. Ms. Emily will be available for counselling from Mondays to Fridays, and in order to make an appointment for a counselling session, you will need to email her at

For your convenience and privacy, the personal counselling room is located at Counselling Office, Level 4, Block E, APU Campus (telephone extension 5115, or DID 03-89925115). Please ensure that you make an appointment as described above, to be assured of a confirmed session.

Please note that you should meet the Student Counsellor if you have personal and emotional problems. Should you have issues which are related to your subjects or your course of study, you should meet with your Programme Leader, and if your problems are administrative in nature, please approach the administrative staff.

Guidelines to consider when seeking counselling

Unacceptable circumstances

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