Wi-Fi Speed Test and Optimizing Wi-Fi Settings

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To optimize your Wi-Fi experience on campus, start by performing a Wi-Fi speed test at HTTP://www.speedtest.net. If your speeds are slower than 12 Mbps then you should consider trying some of the following steps to improve your Wi-Fi:

  1. Adjust your power and Wi-Fi transmission settings

    Check the following settings to ensure your built-in Wi-Fi adapter is optimized

  • Disable Power Savings Mode
    Some devices will slow or turn off Wi-Fi to conserve battery power. Maximize Wi-Fi performance by changing your power settings

  • Switch Wi-Fi channel to 5GHz
    2.4GHz is common frequency for  electronic devices and has many limitation including wireless interference. To avoid wireless interference with these electronics, switch your device to 5GHz: a
    Network Connections –> Adjust the Channel mode to prefer 5GHz

  1. Upgrade your Wi-Fi adapter to 5Ghz
    A USB 5Ghz Wi-Fi adapter is an easy way to enhance your device to get the fastest speeds available.

  1. Update your network drivers
    Check with your device manufacturer to see if new software drivers are available.

  1. Ensure your device is up-to-date with the latest service packs and security updates

  1. Walk-in to the TechCentre with your Wi-Fi-Enabled-Device to allow Technical Assistants to help you in-person.

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