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This is a workflow for lecturers to conduct online classes using Microsoft Teams, Moodle and APSpace. You can watch the video guide below this workflows.

1. Pre-Class Preparation

1.1 Ensure necessary tools are available on your device.
1.2 Update Moodle with necessary materials/resources/activities.
1.3 Setup attendance in Moodle, if you want to conduct an asynchronous class.
1.4 Send messages via Moodle to all your class participants.
1.5 Create your class team in Microsoft Team. Here is a guide – How to add Team for a class-specific course (folder) in Moodle to Microsoft Teams?
1.6 Create an event in Microsoft Teams Calendar. Here is a guide – Schedule and manage online class/meeting.

1.7 Assign correct role to participants and presenter/lecturer – Assign Participants Roles in MS Teams


2. Conducting Online Class via Microsoft Teams

2.1 Go to your class team
2.2 Start meeting from scheduled events
2.3 Share screen
2.4 Record session
2.5 Conduct class
2.6 Stop recording
2.7 Take attendance either via Attendix in APSpace or Moodle. Here is a guide to take attendance via Attendix in APSpace, click here.
2.8 Stop screen sharing


3. Post Class Activity

3.1 Go to Microsoft Stream and find the recorded video of the class
3.2 Click on more option “…” and Go To Microsoft Stream
3.3 Edit if required
3.4 Follow the steps here to embed the recording in Moodle: How to embed Stream video in Moodle?


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